Native plants are the foundation.

Native plants are crucial to the survival of wildlife in the Kansas City region, especially the pollinators – bees, butterflies, moths and other insects. Many insects have evolved with the grassland and wood land plants in the central plains, and are beneficial to each other. Songbirds that migrate through our area in spring and fall, as well as those that nest here during the summer depend on insects to feed their young. Native plants also survive our weather fluctuations – temperatures and rain – much better because of a large root system and adaption to our ‘weird’ weather patterns.

Check out Platte Land Trust’s Partner with Nature program on the website, Sign up and a volunteer will come to your yard and provide suggestions for modifying the landscape with native plants that support wildlife. The website includes a list of some favorite native plants – grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees – to get you started.

Platte Land Trust launched a new, improved website with more information on ways to conserve private lands, native plants to use in your yard, and native plants that damage our local habitats. There are forms to volunteer, sign up for an event, and donate – all on line through a secure payment system. Check out the photo gallery for pictures of native plants, protected land, projects, volunteers building trails, community outreach events, and butterflies!

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