The Platte Land Trust is an all-volunteer organization with a mission of protecting land and natural resources for wildlife, farming, forests, historical importance, and parks and trails for the benefit of communities.


Achieving the mission

♦ Protect open spaces, agriculture land and natural resources vital to our community with conservation easements or acquisition.

♦ Advocate for a balance of open space and development for quality communities.

♦ Promote the use of native plants in our yards and landscapes to support wildlife.

♦ Encourage people to spend time outdoors – at natural areas, gardens, and parks and recreation areas.

♦ Inform people on the economic, health, and quality of life benefits of conservation.

♦ Partner with others to achieve land conservation and recreation goals.

Focusing our Resources

♦ Lands and habitat critical to important plant and animal species – woods and forest along our river and stream corridors; native grasslands; upland savannahs and woods.

♦ Lands important to communities – prime farm and ranch lands; places of historical importance.

♦ Programs, projects and events on native plants plus invasive plants taking over habitats

For more information about Platte Land Trust, contact the President of the Board of Directors.
Carla Dods, 816-716-3402