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Holiday Gifts

'Tis the gift giving season. Nature gives gifts throughout the year. Some Nature winter gifts include: Geese flying low at dawn and dusk. Birds flitting about the bird feeder, competing for tasty morsels. Ice crystals and snow on trees and garden plants. What gifts are on your list this year? What can I give that [...]

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March Madness = Monarchs

March Madness is Monarch Madness March is "monarch madness" in the mountains of Mexico as the butterflies leave their warm sanctuary and fly north. Much thanks to Lynn Horsley (KC Star journalist) and her brother, Scott Horsley (NPR News) for sharing their travel experiences into the world of monarchs. Below is an excerpt from Scott's [...]

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Conservation in KC Area

Explore one of Kansas City's best conservation places near Swope Park. Take a hike this weekend. Photo by P. Whalen “Rocky Point” Woodland /Limestone Glade in Swope Park Nestled between Lake of the Woods to the north and Oldham Road to the south is an area of Swope Park known as “Rocky Point.”  [...]

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Time, Talent and Treasure, #GivingTuesday

#Giving Tuesday is celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. It has become a global day of giving during the holiday season. Platte Land Trust hopes you consider protecting local natural areas and wildlife this Giving Tuesday. Charlotte Sawyers teased that she and her husband Alvin disagreed about what to do with their small farm – [...]

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This I believe

Connection - the state of being connected. Connect -  Bring together or in contact so that a real or notional link is established. What does it mean to be connected? Different meaning for different folks. There was a time when we spent time with family, friends, and colleagues on a regular basis. And kids played [...]

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What’s in your yard?

Do you have bugs in your yard? Bees, butterflies, fireflies, moths, beetles, spiders, walking sticks, dragon flies, caterpillars? We want to know! Do you have more or fewer insects? Have the types of insects and 'bugs' living in your yard changed? Has the diversity (number of species) of bugs and insects diminished? Observations from  one [...]

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Protect Your Investment!

Many people have been participating in native plant programs and purchasing native plants at sale events in April and May. It’s now June and the hot, dry summer weather has arrived. In the Kansas City area, we have received only a little rain since the big storm in late May. Protect Your Investment in native [...]

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Native Plants for your Yard

Spring is in the air! The weather is warm and people are getting outdoors. The atmosphere is energized with thunderstorms.  Gardeners are actively tending their patch of planet Earth. Platte Land Trust continues to celebrate Earth Day with FREE native plants on Saturday, April 30, starting at 7:30 a.m. at the Parkville Farmer’s Market, Parkville [...]

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Cabin Fever?

Got cabin fever? Take a Hike! It’s the height of winter. The days are short. The weather is cold. People are bundled up indoors. The kids are driving you crazy (or maybe co-workers). You've got Cabin Fever! Take a hike! Too cold? No way. Get outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Even on a [...]

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Ring in the New Year

2015 was a very exciting year for the Platte Land Trust. Because of you and your support, we helped monarchs, nature, and saved some land. Here are the highlights. Launched the Partner with Nature program to assist homeowners with native plant selections for their yard and landscapes. Installed a 1600 square-foot butterfly garden with Missouri [...]

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