We assist land owners in fulfilling their dreams for their land:

• To continue a family legacy, passing land to heirs

• To secure land ownership and management into the future, protect my land

• By placing voluntary conservation easements on the land, protecting my farm

• Utilize potential tax benefits for land dontations while protecting land and saving open spaces.

The Platte Land Trust is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to protecting natural resources, land, and open spaces.  

Through a variety of efforts, we work to protect wildlife, recreational, agricultural, scenic, and watershed lands.  

Who works with a land trust?

Farmers and ranchers, businesses, land owners, conservation and non-profit groups, estate and foundation trustees.

What type of land can be protected?

Working lands such as farms, ranches, forests; undeveloped land with natural resource assets; vacant rail/road right-of-ways; land for stream setback requirements; vacant or abandoned property; parks and camps; streams and lakes; historically important sites.

Geographic area:

All around the greater Kansas City region, St. Joseph, western Missouri and eastern Kansas.

Size of properties:

No minimum or maximum parcel size; the land’s qualities and benefit to the community are most important.