We are in the process of restoring the grasslands on this property and protecting the forest areas from invasive plant species.


The Sawyers property was a small-acreage farm where cattle grazed under scattered trees. The stoppage of cattle grazing and haying has resulted in the grasslands reverting back to forest – covered in gray dogwood, autumn olive, honeysuckle and other invasive plants. The Missouri Department of Conservation developed a land management plan for the Sawyers property to assist PLT in restoration of the land.

In 2013, we initiated removal of Asian bush honeysuckle from the front of the property.

In 2017, Platte Land Trust increased habitat restoration work by removing 7 acres of woody invasive plants, removing cedar trees, spraying invasive plants, mowing, burning the grass and woodland areas, and reseeding with native grasses and wildflowers.

Our efforts show good progress as wildflowers are beginning to grow and bloom. SEE GALLERY ▼

Future land stewardship activities include:

♦ Removal of invasive Asian bush honeysuckle, autumn olive, sericea lespedeza, and other invasive plants
♦ Prescribed burns on a rotational basis
♦ Trail building to link the pond trail with the grasslands and woods
♦ Reseeding where needed with native grasses and wildflowers.
In April 2015, Mizzou Alternative Break students worked one weekend to clear and build a trail leading to the pond on the property. These students also cleared a portion of the grasslands to provide access for a brush-hog mower and future removal of autumn olive trees.