Why is helping wildlife important?

• Numbers of pollinating insects—butterflies and bees—are in decline and our food source depends on them.
• Loss of native plant habitat is a major reason for the decline in pollinating insects, including monarchs and other butterflies.
• Exotic and invasive plants displace native plants that pollinating insects and birds depend on for food and shelter.
• Birds control insect populations by feeding caterpillars and other bugs to their young. Some birds eat primarily insects.

How do I help birds, butterflies, and bees in my yard?

• Use native plants in your landscaping that support birds, butterflies and pollinators. Replace ornamental plants with native species.
• Plant a Monarch way station: a flower garden with milkweed plants.
• Remove invasive plant species. • Tolerate the bugs and accept some insect damage on leaves. The native plants can take it.
• Limit the use of pesticides in your yard. • Provide a source of water; rain water is OK.
• Be sure the plants you purchase have not been treated with pesticides.

How does the program work?

Contact the Platte Land Trust and make an appointment for a Conservation Steward to visit your property. When we visit your property we offer suggestions on changes you can make to help wildlife. Make changes to your yard to meet the program criteria and contact PLT for a follow-up visit. When your yard meets the criteria, PLT provides you a Partner with Nature sign to display in your wildlife-friendly yard.

What does the program cost?

FREE. We ask for a $25 donation to Platte Land Trust.

What are the program criteria?

• A diversity of plants—grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees—including native plants.
• Elements that support wildlife. Example-Do you have a bird bath or bird feeders?
• Good stormwater management. Example-Do you have a rain barrel?
• Good yard management. Example-Do you use a mulching mower?


What do I plant in my yard?

Check out our list of favorite plants.

Where can I purchase native plants?

Many nurseries carry native trees and shrubs. Check our plant list and ask the nursery staff for help.

Go to www.grownative.org for a list of local nurseries in the Grow Native program.

Partner with Nature

Helping wildlife in your yard

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