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Charlotte Sawyers would tease that she and her late husband, Alvin, disagreed about what to do with their small farm – protect it for wildlife or sell it for development? Whoever lived the longest got to decide!  Charlotte  donated the farm she loved to the Platte County Land Trust in July 1998.

This 20 acres of forest and pasture in southern Platte County near the Missouri River flyway provides habitat for wildlife, including migratory songbirds and monarch butterflies.  PLT is implementing a land management plan to restore the grasslands and protect the woods. Trails are being built for hiking and outdoor education.

Picture Gallery

Property Maps

sawyers-terrain-map-2015 sawyers-land-map

Property Information

Charlotte Sawyers Property Includes:

  • 20 acres of grassland, woods, creek and pond
  • Protects wildlife habitat in developing area
  • Provides tree canopy for migratory songbirds
  • Hiking trails are being built for nature education programs and limited access