Plants are the foundation of food webs. They support life on Earth and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breath. Plants native to North America, especially the Midwest, are adapted to our changing seasons and challenging weather.

Bush Honeysuckle
Garlic Mustard
Sericea lespedeza
Callery Pear

Native Plants have large root systems to sustain them through droughts and soak up rain water when the big storms come rolling by.

Add some native plants to your yard landscape this summer!

Check out our list of some favorite native plants for sun and shade. Native Plant List

native plants

Invasive Plants are from other parts of the world that do very well in our soils and climate – a little too well, in fact. Some of these plants, such as Asian bush honeysuckle, have escaped our yards and are growing amuck in our fields and woods, snuffing out native plants that butterflies, bees, and birds depend on for food.

Check out Platte Land Trust’s guide to effective control of Asian bush and Japanese honeysuckle HERE.