basic-steps-to-land-conservationPutting your property into a land trust or conservation easement isn’t as hard as it sounds.  In fact, many people think it is going to take too much time or they just don’t know where to begin.

See the Basic Steps to put your property into a conservation easement with the Platte Land Trust.

Further information can be found at Land Trust Alliance Website.

Step 1.  You and a Platte Land Trust Representative take a tour of your property.

Step 2.  Platte Land Trust reviews your property and conservation goals with the Board of Directors.

Step 3.  Consult legal and tax advisers.  It is your responsibility to review the legal and financial implications and benefits of donating a conservation easement.

Step 4.  The Platte Land Trust compiles a baseline documentation report of the property.

Step 5.  You provide the  legal description and pertinent information to Platte Land Trust.

Step 6.  You obtain a mortgage subordination for the property, if necessary.

Step 7.  Together we draft the uses of the land and  restrictions into the easement.

Step 8. A qualified appraisal is completed.  An accurate appraisal is key to understanding what the conservation easement is worth as a charitable donation and thus what the tax benefits may be to you and your family.

Step 9.  We both sign the easement document.  Platte Land Trust records the easement with the county Recorder of Deeds.

Step 10.  The Platte Land Trust Provides stewardship of the conservation easement in perpetuity.