Missouri Master Naturalists and Platte Land Trust were awarded a Platte County Parks & Recreation grant to establish a pilot roadside butterfly garden along the Southern Platte Pass Trail in Parkville.

Southern Platte Pass Trail Butterfly Garden Parkville MO

The butterfly garden will support Monarch and other butterflies, bees, and song birds with food and shelter. Milkweed and other native plants were selected for their benefits to wildlife during the growing season, especially spring and fall Monarch butterfly migrations. SEE GALLERY ▼

Although the plants are small now (2015), they are focusing energy on a strong root system. The mantra for native plants is ” Sleep, creep, leap” for how native plants grow each of the first 3 years.

The trail runs along 64th Street/45 Highway from I-29 to 9 Highway. Check out the garden near Riss Lake. Watch the garden grow as you drive, walk or bike by.

Are butterflies and gardening a passion for you?


For more information about Platte Land Trust, contact the President of the Board of Directors.
Carla Dods, 816-716-3402